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On Thursday, April 5th, we had an Easter Egg Hunt with our KA buddies. It was a beautiful day so we were able to be outside. The Easter Bunny left SIX eggs for each student in our class. We enjoyed eating SOME of our candy with our buddies after we found all the eggs. We saved the rest of the candy to enjoy over our Spring Break!
In Writing and Religion classes, we are creating Identity boxes. Our goal is to find pictures, words and phrases that describe us. We are also using photographs of our families and friends. We are using Mod Podge to attach these things to our boxes. At the end, We are also writing a paper about how we have grown throughout the school year.
Mrs. Neesen has been teaching our Junior Achievement class. We have been learning a lot about different kinds of businesses. On Tuesday, we played a game in class!
On Friday, we had the opportunity to watch The Wizard of Oz. Many of the 5th graders were involved in the musical as well as students from other grades. They put in MANY hours of practice and hard work. They put on an excelent performance!
We had the opportunity to help our KA buddies make lions to decorate their classroom!
Mrs. Pane came in to our classroom today and showed us some of the artwork she has created. She is an artist, She showed us some of her designs, and she also showed us some cool painting techniques! Check out our pictures below!
Tomorrow we are going to start presenting our posters in Social Studies class. Each group has been assigned a different topic. We are learning about events in history that are leading up to the American Revolution. The events we focused on for our posters are: The Sugar Act, The Stamp Act, The Stamp Act Congress, and the Boston Massacre.  
We just finished creating our Mardi Gras masks in art class. We spent two art class periods on this project. The first class period was dedicated to painting our masks. We got to choose from the colors green, yellow, purple and black (Mardi Gras colors). After the paint was dried, we used the next class period to decorate our masks with feathers, glitter, beads, jewels, etc. Our masks will be displayed in the glass case in the Commons area of our school throughout the month of March. Come check out our work!
We had a great time at our Valentine's Day Party! We passed out our Valentines to each of our classmates, and then we got to make our own ice cream sundaes! They were so good! When we were done eating, we got to choose which games we wanted to play. We also had an arts and crafts activity.   
This week we are celebrating Catholic Schools Week, and we have had such a great start to the week! Our days have been filled with many
fun activities focusing on faith, academics and service. We started off the week with a fun assembly, followed by Crazy Sock Day and the Spelling Bee on Tuesday. Today, we focused on service in our 5th grade classroom. We made fleece tie blankets that we are donating to the Siena Francis House. Check out our photos below!