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Check out the fun times we had today at our Halloween Party!  Thanks to all of the parents who helped to make this possible! 
Last Wednesday, we had the opportunity to meet our KA buddies!  We had so much fun doing a Halloween art project with them!
Artist: Maddie
Title of Masterpiece: Mysterious vs. Mischievous
Medium Used: Permanent Marker and Tempera Paint
Yesterday, in spelling class, we reviewed our spelling words using shaving cream!  The students smeared the shaving cream on their desks and spelled the words from this week's list with their fingers in the shaving cream! We had a fun time!  Check out our pictures below!
We were able to watch a fabulous presentation today about RESPECT!  We watched a play titled, "Spelling It Out".  We then discussed what bullying is, and we learned different strategies to get out of tough situations!
Today we started presenting our September book projects!  Check out some of the creativity that was used in the projects!  The students had the month of September to read a book and come up with a project!  They have done a fantastic job presenting their work!